Are Travel Advisors Still Relevant?

Are Travel Advisors Still Relevant?

Maybe some of you have heard that if you don’t have a travel agent, you’re on your own.

Let’s think about what an agent actually does and what it means when things go wrong – especially with the current global pandemic.

No one could have anticipated this current situation we are all dealing with and in my almost 30 years in the travel business when things do go wrong, a good travel agent will be there to find solutions and get you back on track.

What has this pandemic taught us?

We have seen and heard of many stories where travelers and even friends of travelers have approached us seeking help and assistance with their travel plans and just want to talk to a person get advice.

Many travellers who have made their arrangements online either with an airline direct, online flight booking sites or tour companies have found themselves unable to reach any representative or support staff waiting for days or weeks to get a simple answer on what to do with their travel arrangements and where they stand.

This has seen clients either left out of pocket significantly or frustrated and confused about all the advice out there.

Most of our customers understand and reluctantly accept it is going to take months to unravel their trips. We’re doing our best to keep them up to date with what is on offer and the options they have.

Sadly, it appears that people who booked through other travel providers aren’t necessarily getting the same level of service. While they should be able to contact their booking agents directly and speak with them about their situation, some companies are running on minimum staff and only dealing with the most pressing situations. The is leaving people with little or no current information and a higher than needed level of uncertainly with regards to their specific situation and travel plans.

Having a good travel agent who can provide you with consistent regular communication, solutions and advice now and going forward with the latest travel provider policies is invaluable.  Everyone deserves timely information on the best ticket for your needs and its conditions, border control and visa issues and support and care before during and after your journey.

Like many of you with the work you do you understand the value of good advice – this is what a good travel agent delivers and when it is needed it’s not the cost of your initial ticket you purchased but the support you will get all the way through.

Online travel companies that seem to offer cheap discounted tickets up front can seem attractive but with little information on the details about your ticket, complicated conditions, fees and travel advice or support often can end up costing you more in the long run than just a discounted ticket.

Most of you know the Amaco Team personally and know are always here to help and how to reach us. This personal attention we believe is our greatest strength and as our business grows and develops we understand that your need to contact us and get an answer at any time is extremely valuable.

Dealing with online travel providers can see you and your hard earned dollars sent to offices and call centres overseas. With Amaco Travel you are dealing with a local team and business that understands you and your expectations and values your business.

So next time when you are considering the value proposition or saving a few dollars and the current global situation that we are experiencing think about the need for the best advice and support you will need as we think about what travel will look like and what we need to prepare for travelling in the time to come.

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