September 2020
Have a spare 3 months? Imagine escaping somewhere for 3 or more months - without the rush of everyday life. Leave your commitments behind, and just lose yourself in a destination! The Slow Travel philosophy encourages you to soak up a destination, pace yourself, and eliminate the stress of rushing around.
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People often watch movies for the same reasons they read books; to transport themselves to lands far away. For some, watching mind-blowing travel movies on Netflix is a way to prepare themselves for an adventure of a lifetime. They may fall in love while traveling, land an awesome job where remote work is acceptable, or...
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What does it mean to travel with a purpose? Travelling with purpose supports sustainable, long-term economic growth is a growing travel trend, especially to destinations in the developing world. Adding meaningfulness can make a journey infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling and has the ability to turn a mere ‘holiday’ into a truly life-changing experience and...
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Just as Mark Twain asserted in his book The Innocents Abroad, travel becomes an infallible elixir for the disease of bigotry. Through travel, I have been introduced to people’s complexities. It enabled self-reflection by forcing me to compare here and there. My worldview has shifted and I’ve never been the same. The very word travel...
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