A Foodies Take on France

A Foodies Take on France

Food obsessed is what my friends and family say about me and maybe I am and maybe all my photos of my travels are mostly food-related.

The first thing I think about when choosing a destination is what are the culinary specialities, and is the food culture like in the destination.

If I had to choose my all-time favourite destination and the place I choose to return to again and again the choice is simple… France.

For me the French values that life can be lived well and that we rush too much and that slowing down to enjoy a meal is so important.

As we all know the French have an obsession and understanding of what it is to live and eat well they love and appreciate beautiful things from fashion, art and architecture to mention just a few. 


But it’s the obsession the French have for their food and produce that is inspiring, you just have to look at their local markets just to see that buying the best and understanding what to do with ingredients is key and their passion.

French markets are some of the most incredible in the world with the best fruit, vegetables, cheese, meats and flowers.

One market which is a must see is the weekend market in Beaune in the surrounding streets of the Hospice De Beaune right in the heart of town full of everything you would want including the famous Bresse chickens cooked for you to take home.

But lets not forget the incredible places to eat and as food has become less fussy in France incredible farm house kitchens are appearing as the places to hunt down and find home style French food which offers the best from the farm that day.

The vineyards of Burgundy have some of the most fantastic wines and the most expensive vineyards in the world.

It’s a wonderful place to jump on a bike and peddle between domains and have a light lunch somewhere in one of the villages, maybe pop into the hundreds of cellar doors and learn about the terroir of the area and have a chat with the locals about the impact of changing weather patterns is affecting vintages each year.

This is why I choose France again as my all-time favourite food destination and I cant wait to get back there as soon as I can to discover more local delights and fantastic food.

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