October 2021
In a remote part of Outback Australia lies Lake Eyre, one of Australia’s wonders, many never get to see. The sheer remoteness will deter many and the difficulty in access will stop others from ever considering venturing into this part of unknown Australia. That’s exactly why we’ve included a visit to Lake Eyre on our...
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A Qantas repatriation flight has flown 15,020 kilometres from Buenos Aires to Darwin via Antarctica and touched down in Australia after a record-breaking 17 hours and 25 minutes in the air. The flight was Qantas’ longest ever non-stop flight for which passengers could purchase a ticket.
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We’re all excited to know that Australia will relax its international borders by the end of 2021! It’s time to think about the more practical aspects of travel. Are there seats on the flights you want? And importantly, will travel insurance cover COVID-19? Some travel insurers are opening up shop again with a new range...
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