Frequent Questions

How do I register to attend an Amaco conference?

Each conference we run has a specific registration form that includes all the registration and travel package options. It details when deposits are required and how much needs to be paid upfront to secure your place. It also clearly states when final payment is required and details on the cancellation terms and conditions. This form must be signed and returned to Amaco, either by fax, email or post in order for your registration to be accepted and processed.

What sort of people attend Amaco conferences?

Our conferences are targeted towards GPs, Medical Specialists, Nurses, Pharmacists, and allied health professionals. Participants come from all parts of Australia – East Coast, West Coast, City and Rural and range in age from those in their mid-30’s through to those nearing or in retirement. We have a high number of repeat participants – testifying not only to the highly regarded education but also the wonderful friendships founded and beneficial industry networking that takes place.

I’m travelling alone… is that a problem?

Not at all! We often have people who travel by themselves on our trips. A single supplement is payable if you want your own room or we are happy to try and match you up with a suitable person to share.

How do I become a speaker at an Amaco conference?

We are happy to be approached by any prospective speaker. The formal selection process begins with all speakers completing a “Presenter Information Kit” which details the topics and areas the applicant can present, their actual experience giving lectures, running workshops or leading discussions and feedback they may have received. Supporting information such as a detailed CV, published papers/articles etc. can also be submitted. This information is then kept on file and is referred to when we begin looking for presenters. Please email to obtain a copy of the Presenter Information Kit.

How does Amaco select the conference topics?

A lot of time and effort goes into selecting the topics for each completed conference. We survey participants on each conference to identify topics they believe would be appealing or have been lacking at the given time. We also have a relationship with the RACGP and a number of local and international medical journals to help identify topics that would be of interest to our audience.

Which companies sponsor the Amaco conferences?

None – we don’t accept any external sponsorship! We like the fact that we are truly independent and that our academic programs are selected without influence from external organisations.

Are Amaco conferences tax deductible?

We are not tax specialists – so this question is best answered by your Accountant or tax advisor. Everyone’s situation is different so the answer that applies to one person may not be applicable to the next. We encourage you to take a copy of our conference brochure to your Accountant and ask them to give their opinion based on your specific situation and financial position.

Is it safe to travel overseas?

The world is an ever-changing place, with different things happening all over the planet. Our tour escorts have family and loved ones in Australia so we certainly wouldn’t place them or our participants in harm’s way. COVID-19 has changed anything about travel and it is understandable that people will be concerned about their health and safety. We’re working hard with all our suppliers to ensure that they lift their already high standards so that we can continue to explore the world confident that we can return home in nothing but the best of health. That said, neither Amaco, not our staff and agents can provide advice concerning the safety of travel and at all times delegates should make their own assessment based on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs directives and updates.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

At Amaco, we believe that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. This is certainly the case. Amaco recommends that all participants hold a comprehensive travel insurance policy and this is to be taken out at the time of registration. Like all forms on insurance, there are a wide variety of policy options available from various suppliers. What is suitable for one delegate could be quite inappropriate for another. Please carefully consider the options and make the selection most appropriate to your circumstances. If you’re relying on your credit card for cover, please ensure that all travelers are covered and not just the person named on the card and that the cover is relevant. We recommend you ask your credit card company to provide you with a product disclosure statement (PDS).

What is included in the Travel Packages?

It might be easier to say what is not included… as almost everything on the ground in our program is included. When selecting the accommodation, we take a number of factors into account. Excellent service, cleanliness and location are all elements that play a part… but we also try to identify properties that speak to their surroundings and are equally welcoming and unique.

Food plays such an important part in the lives of people in the destinations we visit. Every itinerary we plan takes into account local delicacies, flavours, and traditional cooking styles. There is never a shortage of food on an Amaco tour – with 3 meals a day always included. Unlike some tour companies, we include beverages (beer, wine, soft drink and mineral water) with all lunches and dinners.

All the transfers and tours that we talk about in the program are included as well as things like tips for the drivers and guides. Basically, you should only be putting your hand into your pocket to buy gifts and souvenirs.

Flights aren’t included in the Travel Package… why?

The simple answer is greater flexibility and better pricing! We used to include flights in our travel package but found that in many cases the fares were more expensive than the best available daily fares or were not applicable for people who were looking to extend pre or post the main conference travel dates. We also felt it was unfair on you, as a participant, to unknowingly pay a premium for a more flexible group fare when you are already committed to attending the conference. By not including the airfare in the package, you are also able to work with one of our experienced and knowledgeable Travel Consultants to arrange flights on any airlines from any destination depending on your preferences.

Is Amaco a licenced Travel Agent?

You’re correct to be vigilant about where you spend your travel dollar. Amaco is not only a member of AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents but we are also ATAS Travel Accredited. This means we have met strict industry standards and criteria. Only the best industry agents achieve this accreditation meaning that you can travel with us knowing that you’re in safe and capable hands.

Can I book my own flights to an Amaco conference?

Yes… not a problem. We understand that people may have a preferred Travel Agent they want to use and we don’t have any issues with you doing so. We’ll advise you of suggested arrival and departure times to allow you to make use of our group transfers. We do ask for a copy of your itinerary so that we can double-check it to ensure that it fits with our program and group itinerary. One word of warning, however, when booking flights independently – as the non-ticketing Agent Amaco is not notified of any changes or cancellations to your booking nor are we able to make contact or deal with the airline on your behalf.

Can I make arrangements before or after the conference?

You certainly can and most people do! Australia is so far from most places we encourage all participants to make the most of the time away. This could mean departing earlier than the rest of the group and visiting some places before meeting up with the main group at the conference or staying on at the conclusion and doing some additional travel. Our consultants are perfectly positioned to assist you with making these arrangements and will do all the hard work for you – seamlessly combining your personalised itinerary with the group program.

I have allergies and special dietary requirements – will that be a problem?

It shouldn’t be. The earlier you can advise of any allergies or dietary requirements the better. This gives us time to work with our suppliers to ensure that you are specially catered for at all times. We provide a detailed briefing to all our suppliers well in advance regarding these matters and make it a priority to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the amazing tastes and treats the rest of the group experience.

How fit or mobile do I need to be to attend an Amaco conference?

When putting the itinerary together, we aim to include activities that anyone with a standard level of fitness and mobility should be able to complete. Occasionally we may offer optional tours or activities that require a higher level of fitness – but any requirements will be advised well in advance. If you are concerned about attending a conference because of the activities in the program, please contact us as there is normally an alternate option available that will allow you to attend and enjoy these included activities.

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