Wave Rock Hotel

Wave Rock Hotel

Situated in the town of Hyden, just 3kmĀ from Wave Rock, the original part of the hotel was built in 1964 after farmers in the area decided that they would like a hotel in preference to drinking in the streets. Back then Hyden was known as the town with streets paved with bottle tops.

The local farmers rallied and the original hotel was built.

The project has developed in stages to the comfortably appointed establishment it is today. The farmers have never drawn dividends from this and all profits are returned to continue the development of tourist facilities where they are required, in Hyden and at Wave Rock.

The motel-style rooms are well equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, mini-fridge, TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Amenities include a picturesque billabong pool, the Bush Bistro, Gimlet Restaurant and Salmon Club Lodge equipped with an open fire and baby grand piano serving snacks, cold drinks and local wine.

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