Koula Kolokathis

Confernence & Leisure Travel Advisor

After completing Tertiary studies majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, Koula was driven to pursue her dreams of working in the travel industry. 

Applying her social and cultural knowledge she embarked on a career as a Travel Consultant.

With more than 35 years of experience in the Travel Industry, she enjoys a challenge and is passionate about designing travel journeys to suit each client’s requirements – showing dedication to the task and an amazing ability to combine care and attention to detail.

Having worked in the retail, corporate, and wholesale sectors in the Travel Industry, Koula brings to Amaco, her extensive Travel knowledge and excellent customer and interpersonal service.

Koula says her most memorable travel experiences include visiting Sossusvlei in Namibia, Paleokastritsa – a village in Corfu Greece, Kyrenia on the northern coast of Cyprus and The Serra Do Mar State Park of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Koula’s Travel Theology is – “ Travel takes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to explore new surroundings. Travel constantly challenges us to engage with different people and make new friendships. When we travel, we learn, escape reality, relax, and appreciate and are grateful to have the opportunity to travel. It is a rewarding experience, a self-discovery, rejuvenating our mind and body “.

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Phone : 1300 668 149 or  +61 3 9545 0906 i foutside Australia
Email : koula.kolokathis@amacotravel.com.au

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