Dr Johnathan Levy

Dr Johnathan Levy

Dr Levy has been directly involved with skin cancer diagnosis and management for ten years. He diagnoses multiple melanomas, squamous cell cancers and basal cell cancers annually. He graduated from Imperial College in the UK in 2001 with medical and psychology degrees, obtained parts I & II of the Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship in 2004, two further General Practice fellowships in Australia and the Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine in 2010.

With a strong belief in ongoing training throughout one’s career, Dr Levy is about to complete the year-long Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy.

He is a Senior Lecturer in Skin Cancer Surgery for the Masters of Medicine program run by the University of Queensland and also undertakes other skin cancer teaching.

With a generalist background in Emergency Medicine prior to skin cancer work, he has continued in this vein with an ongoing medical directorship for home-visiting general practitioners (NHDS), Indigenous healthcare for several remote clinics in the Northern Territory and various other teaching commitments within general medicine.

A (very supportive) wife and four kids completes the picture. As the slowest, ex-Pom, slowly balding runner in Australia – Dr Levy certainly appreciates the impact of the sun Down Under!

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