Christina Higgs

Senior Account Manager

With nearly 30 years experience in the travel industry. Christina’s passion for travel shows no signs of waning.

The travel bug hit at the tender age of 9 when she set off with her family to her parents birth country of Greece. The excitement of stepping off a plane into a whole new world of sights & smells kicked off a life-long obsession. Her love of people and exploring new cultures has taken her to more than 50 countries… with many more still on the ‘bucket-list’.

Christina has worked in many facets of the travel and tourism industry ranging from sales, finance, corporate and most recently the bespoke luxury travel sector.

A keen interest in the undiscovered has had her exploring remote locations in China, driving Iceland’s Ring Road and attending a wedding in Siberia with her three small children in tow.

So what’s her philosophy on travel you may ask? Christina says “Travel gives us the opportunity to experience a new perspective on life, new cultures and new foods. This in turns helps broaden our minds and educate us in a way a classroom or book could never do. Everyone has a story and travel helps to bring individuals together and share theirs with people they otherwise may never had the opportunity to cross paths with. Travel allows us to step out of our daily lives and gives us the opportunity to indulge in our chosen interests whether it be food, wine, or art for a period of time without our daily distractions.”

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