Once synonymous with war and conflict, Vietnam is experiencing a rebirth. Now, decades after the U.S pull-out from South Vietnam, the country shows few remaining scars from this conflict or the protracted War of Independence that preceded it.

Many historical sites have been fully restored, the country’s economy is booming and the infrastructure for tourism is developing rapidly.

The ancient and modern coexist side by side in Vietnam. Cell phones and gleaming motorbikes are ubiquitous in the towns and villages, but people still plough the rice fields with the help of bullocks.

Tourism is helping Vietnam ride the crest of a wave and the country has quickly become one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. For those with a little extra time – and the “Expedition Spirit”, our Siem Reap & Angkor Extension in Cambodia will surely prove popular.

Given the terrible events of the 20th century, it’s difficult to comprehend the glory of Cambodia’s ancient past and its position as one of the most powerful nations in the region. After years of external and internal battles, Cambodia has achieved a measure of stability that now affords international visitors the opportunity to visit and explore the fabulous Khmer temples in and around Angkor.

Our Small Group Tour and Medical Conference took place in September 2015. Our education theme, “Toddlers in Trouble” included a number of sessions on behaviour and weight managements which were led by Dr John White. We were also joined by Dr Anne Howard to ran a number of sessions including workshops and lectures on skin conditions. Topics Anne presented on included Newborn Rashes, Scaly Rashes, Viral Skin Infections and Bacterial and Fungal Skin Infections.

Below are a small selection of the photos from the conference and accompanying tours.