PharMEDucation provides quality seminars on medicines and medication management for pharmacists, dentists, nurse practitioners, medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals. We had nearly 70 participants join us in Broome in August 2017 for the first ever PEARL Pharmacotherapy Update.

The pearling capital of Australia, Broome is the western gateway to the Kimberley wilderness, home to world famous Cable Beach sunsets and the natural phenomenon of the Staircase to the Moon. It didn’t take long for conference participants to fall in love with the tropical oasis with its striking contrasts in colour and culture. Overall, the vibe was very relaxed but there was also so much happening to engage the senses.

Affectionately known as the ‘pearl of the north’, Broome is the home of South Sea pearls – among the largest and most coveted commercially harvested cultured pearls in the world. Their discovery in the 1800s fuelled a mass migration almost as epic as the gold rush. Japanese, Filipino and Malay pearl divers arrived in droves seeking their fortune, creating a melting pot of cultures that makes Broome the multicultural town it is today.

Broome is also blessed with 22 kilometres of beautiful white sand and turquoise water at Cable Beach and striking rust-red cliffs and ancient dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point.

Our conference was timed perfectly to coincide with the full moon at nearby Roebuck Bay. Most participants made the time to watch as at low tide the moon performs the most awe-inspiring illusion known as the Staircase to the Moon.

When not in conference, participants witnessed first-hand how pearls are cultured on a cruise to a local pearl farm, immersed themselves in the romantic tales of the original pearl luggers and pick ed up a memento of their trip in the dazzling pearl showrooms of Chinatown.

There was so much to see and do in and around Broome with the region offering so many unique, ‘once in a lifetime’ activities.  Whether they were thrill seekers, adventurers, culture vultures, water lovers or sun seekers participants were able to combine their ongoing professional development and education with an exceptional leisure experience.