The Pearls of Central Europe — our Small Group Tour and Dental Conference to Poland and the Czech Republic departs in August 2019.

You begin your Pearls of Central Europe tour in Poland, a beautiful country punctuated by great forests, rivers and tall mountains. Often overlooked by visitors to Europe, it offers a truly rich heritage, spectacular countryside and cities that offer the perfect mix of historic sites and modern amenities.

Poland’s history is one of battles and wars — at first between kings and then between nations. The result is a country with a rich history and countless monuments and museums to explore. The remnants of World War II are the most recent addition to Poland’s tragedies, adding a growing appreciation of the rich Jewish heritage with many Holocaust memorials and synagogues being sensitively restored.

You will begin your itinerary in the Polish capital Warsaw. Almost completely destroyed during the World War II, the city was painstakingly rebuilt and today the thoughtfully restored Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Polish pride. In contrast are the Soviet-style buildings which reflect the nations communist history. The mixture of architectural styles most definitely reflects Warsaw’s turbulent history.

While in Warsaw, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing this now revived cosmopolitan city and have the opportunity to be immersed in a mix of traditional and emerging modern cuisine, boutique shops and galleries, the elegant Royal Route and the vibrant cosmopolitan downtown area.

Following five nights in Warsaw, the itinerary journeys south to the stately medieval city of Kraków. It’s wealth of Gothic and Renaissance architecture ensures it is easily one of Poland’s most appealing destinations. A university city, it is considered the cultural capital of Poland, reinforced with its bustling atmosphere of lively cafés and restaurants, many situated in and around Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest medieval market square.

No visit to this part of Europe is complete without an excursion to Auschwitz. The grim Nazi extermination camp is a poignant reminder of a part of history’s greatest genocide. A museum and memorial have been built here to commemorate those who lost their lives. Visiting this complex is a deeply moving experience.

Our all-inclusive itinerary also offers a full day exploring the beauty in and around the Tatras Mountains — located in the far south of Poland. This seldom visited region is filled with dramatic vistas, steep peaks and crystal lakes. Enjoy a day in the great outdoors exploring the quaint town of Zakopane with its original turn of the 20th century wooden chalets and chic main street of Krupówki dotted with stores, carnival rides and performers. A highlight of the area is a chance to experience the unique Goral culture, an ethnic group found only in this region.

Those with a little extra time should consider our Pre Conference Extension to Prague and Ceský Krumlov from 6 – 10 August 2019. A city of stunning beauty, Prague retains evidence of the many nationalities that have influenced and dominated its history. Gothic and baroque spires, art nouveau facades and even cubist structures reflect a crucible of German, Italian, Flemish and Bohemian artistic movements.

Almost untouched by World War II, cobbled lanes and walled courtyards are in abundance. Prague is also a modern and vibrant city full of energy, music, culture, fine dining and modern art. It is regarded as one of Europe’s most charming and beautiful cities. Included in our short stay are a number of stunning walking tours and a full day excursion into the Bohemian countryside visiting the UNESCO World Heritage village of Ceský Krumlov with its world famous 13th Century Castle.

Both itineraries offer exceptional value for money. The all-inclusive travel packages cover luxury accommodation, touring, entrance fees and a number of specially arranged activities not offered to the general public. We also include all meals and take great care to ensure those with special dietary requirements are looked after.

Expertly curated by our staff, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure ‘it’s just not a conference…it’s an experience!’ We hope you can join us in Poland & the Czech Republic in 2019 as we explore the Pearls of Central Europe on this amazing educational experience.

As with all Amaco Conferences for your comfort and touring pleasure we’ve limited the number of participants to just 40 people. With places limited, we encourage you to register today to avoid disappointment.