Our Small Group Tour and Conference to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia in May 2020 –  The Grand Caucasus – sees us travelling to three distinctly different and spellbinding countries at the crossroads between East and West.

This strategic geography has brewed a potent history and has created timeless allure to this amazingly underrated and rarely visited region. The Caucasus sits snugly amongst a dramatically mountainous region wedged between the Black Sea on the west and the Caspian sea to the east.

Independent from the Soviet Union since 1991 Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia share a timeless and deep rooted tradition of hospitality, family and food.

Long seen as a strategically important bridge linking East and West, North and South, this was the realm of Silk Road caravans, coveted and conquered by Persians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Russians and Soviets.

The ‘Grand Caucasus – Crossroads of the East & West’ itineraries covering  Azerbaijian, Georgia and Armenia offer particpants exceptional value for money.

The all-inclusive nature of our travel packages means that not only is cost of the best available accommodation already covered,  so to are all the entrance fees and touring costs. We also incorporate many specially arranged activities not available to the general public. The travel package also includes all breakfasts, lunches and dinners with us taking great care to ensure those with special dietary requirements are well looked after.

Expertly curated by our staff, every detail in the itineraries has been meticulously crafted to ensure… it’s not just a conference, it’s an experience!

We certainly hope you can join us as we travel through the Caucasus region in May 2020.

As with all Amaco Conferences, we’ve capped the maximum number of participants to just 40 people. This help ensure your comfort and touring pleasure. Register today or risk missing out!